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Inflatable water mat for children Water world

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Inflatable water mat for children Water world

Inflatable water mat for children supports the development of the child's body and mind, while providing him with a lot of fun.

The edges of the mat should be inflated with air and the center filled with warm or cold water. While playing on the mat, the child learns to keep balance and move. In the prone position, your little one supports the muscles of the back, hands, neck and legs.

Water mat:

  • Supports the shaping of coordination
  • Supports the proper development of the muscles of the neck, head, abdomen, arms and back,
  • Supports the development of imagination and concentration
  • Stimulates the development of motor skills - supports eye-hand coordination,


Product advantages:

  • supports the proper development of muscles,
  • made of durable plastic,
  • does not leak,
  • saturated colors that attract the child's attention,
  • you can take it with you on vacation or on a trip,
  • light and easy to store,
  • your toddler will be fascinated by the underwater world,
  • perfect for fun and relaxation,

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