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Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mija 1C Vacuum Mop/Mi Robot Vacuum Mop - white

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Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mija 1C Vacuum Mop - white


The Xiaomi Mija 1C Vacuum Mop Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an intelligent home appliance that has both the function of a vacuum cleaner and a mop in one. Equipped with a fast visual navigation system, it helps to quickly obtain information about coordinates, faster and more accurate map creation, and the extraction of complex spatial elements. The Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mija 1C Vacuum Mop has a battery with a capacity of 2400 mAh, which is enough for a one-time cleaning of the room by 120 square meters, without having to charge. The device has 15 types of motion sensor, thanks to which it is able to overcome obstacles with a height of 2cm. The robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mija 1C Vacuum Mop has a dirt container that has a capacity of 600 ml, and a water tank with a capacity of 200ml.


Technical data:

  • Model: Mija 1C Robot Vacuum Mop
  • Type: Cleaning robot
  • Control: automatic type and from the application
  • Noise level: less than 50dB in the quietest mode.
  • Mopping function: Yes
  • Vacuuming function: Yes
  • Scrubbing function: Yes
  • Battery: 2400 mAh
  • Power: 40 W
  • Capacity of the dirt tank: 0.6l
  • Water tank capacity: 0.2l
  • Suction: 2500Pa
  • Working time: 80-30 min
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Collision sensor: Yes
  • Level sensor: Yes


Set contains:

  • device,
  • 1x water tank,
  • 1x side brush,
  • 1x charging socket,
  • 1x wet mop
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